Monday, August 26, 2013

The writers and authors behind ViSalus?

ViSalus’ Body by Vi™ Challenge is the #1 weight-loss and fitness Challenge platform in North America’s ”rewarding those with the best 90-day transformations with over $25Million each year in earned free products, prizes and vacations. More information at visalus.

Meet the ViSalus Authors
Jeff Chenoweth
Jeff is the Outreach and Content Development Specialist at Visalus and has been involved in sports and fitness his entire life. He received a B.S. in Kinesiology from Indiana University- Bloomington along with a Certificate of Journalism and a Minor in Sport Marketing & Management. Jeff is an avid runner and swimmer who believes that an active lifestyle is crucial to living a well-balanced life. Jeff’s goal is to show others how proper nutrition and exercise can transform your life for the better.
Michelle Gigon
Michelle has been covering the Los Angeles lifestyle scene since 2009. Her passions run the gamut from epicurean adventures to endorphin-inducing athletic pursuits. She is an award-winning creative director, avid world traveler and unremarkable tennis player (but at least she tries). Michelle is the Food, Wine & Spirits Editor of Singular magazine and a frequent contributor to SingularcitySUCCESS magazine and The Challenge magazine.  
Yvonne Pasquini
Yvonne Pasquini is a senior copywriter at ViSalus. Most mornings, you can find Yvonne running on the beach, spinning on a bike or sweating through a boot camp class. She once (slowly) ran the New York City Marathon. She loves cooking, traveling to new places and seeking out fun adventures (the latest: vegetable gardening!)  She lives with her husband in Santa Monica, CA.  
Meet the Guest Bloggers
Mark Dillworth
Mark Dilworth, BA, PES has been a fitness writer and fat loss expert for 6 years. Mark is the owner of My Fitness Hut, Her Fitness Hut and Sports Fitness Hut. Mark provides long-term lean body solutions without the gimmicks of quick weight loss programs.
Brad Goldman
Brad has been in the fitness industry for six years. He is a certified personal trainer with an avid passion for a healthy lifestyle. Fitness has been his railroad track in life and has always kept him focused. Through his journey to achieve my goals he hopes to inspire others to do the same.
Beth Schaub
Beth is a 25 year old mother of two beautiful children and just celebrated 7 years of marriage on the Nov. 19th! She started her healthy lifestyle journey on 3/12/12 and started Vi at the end of July of this year. She had a few months prior to Vi to work on eating clean (minimally processed foods, no sugar, whole/real foods, etc…) but getting healthy does take time.  She loves teaching others how delicious eating healthy can be! Beth believes Vi provides results whether you eat healthy or not, but think of the results possible when combining the two together!
Mel Veroba
Mel is a nutrition and lifestyle coach and has been helping others achieve their goals for the past 10 years. She is a certified personal trainer and is working on her natural health designation in Sports Nutrition. Mel has been competing in Bodybuilding and Figure shows for 7 years now, is a 3 time National Competitor, Fitness Model, and a Natural Figure Champion. Mel is constantly pushing herself and leading by example with her other #Quartet Challenge members.
Maralana Fulton
Maralana has been in the health and Wellness Industry for over 12 years with a passion for sports and fitness.  With ups and downs in her weight since she was a child, she finally found her place last year when she started final weight loss journey.  After losing 55lbs since February 2012, Maralana is reclaiming her active lifestyle and showing others how to do the same at